As strategic partner of the largest global food and beverage brands, Metalfrio Solutions invests in design, quality and reliability for its coolers and freezers to meet the daily routine of million points of sales worldwide!

Quality is a value that permeates the whole Metalfrio production chain, from the raw material choice and production efficiency to the after sales service.

Our leadership enables us to count on a team with focused employees, dedicated to commercial refrigeration, designing and improving technologies, production and quality control processes so that each equipment will work perfectly and reliably at the point of sale.


Technology and Innovation

Metalfrio Solutions stands out for its pioneering spirit, leading the main breakthroughs in technology and connectivity for the commercial refrigeration industry.

With its global presence, Metalfrio anticipates trends in its markets through its 3 Research and Development Centers.

The company meets the increasingly complex demands of the beverage, ice cream and food market, with high performance, low energy consumption, maximum prominence at the point of sale and total control over assets in the field.