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Metalfrio Solutions - The cool partner worldwide.

This phrase is more than a slogan, it is a concept, a philosophy of serving customers and always offering them the best solution.

This concept was the key to allowing Metalfrio, a Brazilian company, to grow, achieve worldwide success and consolidate its global leadership.

“The cool partner worldwide” means being in tune with customers, to understand their needs and to offer, promptly and precisely, global solutions that make use of the most updated and competitive technology in the world. Solutions that make a difference in showcasing your brand at the point of sale.

This principle is grounded in hard work, commitment, ethics, transparency and a clear vision for the future.

Alliance with customers
Serving customers, working in partnership to understand and attend to their needs and delivering fast and precise solutions.

Proximity to the market
Much more than providing refrigeration products, Metalfrio’s competitive edge is about knowing and understanding the habits, tastes and goals of its customers, to understand their needs and behaviors, and consequently provide innovative solutions at the point of sale.

Providing the most complete line of products with innovation, design, performance, durability and low maintenance in order to face the most difficult situations at the point of sale.

Solutions to increase sales
The Company’s mission is to offer customized global solutions with the customer’s business vision, from design to distribution to complete postsale services. Metalfrio Solutions always stands out from the competition at the point of sale.

New ideas, creativity, innovation and today´s solutions to improve its customers’ businesses.

Metalfrio Solutions is building the largest and most competitive refrigeration company in the world, with quality and expertise to provide the best solutions for customers, no matter where they are.

People make the difference
One of the company’s main foundation for success is the commitment and talents of its people who are contributing to its advancement and growth. Metalfrio understands that each individual is an integral part of the whole effort to ensure customer satisfaction, promote company innovation, and achieve a profitable outcome.

Its teams work in an integrated manner, maintaining the same high quality worldwide.