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For global refrigeration solutions, think of the best brands for your business. Think Metalfrio Solutions.

Metalfrio Solutions has a wide and varied portfolio with hundreds of products that are sure to meet your needs. Additionally, it delivers customized solutions and unique services.
Whatever your needs are, there is always a Metalfrio Solutions brand that will be able to meet them.

• European design and innovative technology;
• Very high quality combined with sophisticated lines and finishing; 
• Derby: a revamped and increasingly competitive brand. 

•  "Top of Mind" brand in the commercial refrigeration sector, with 50 years of tradition and pioneering spirit;
• Quality and dependability;
• Present in 90.5% of the Brazilian businesses that employ commercial refrigeration;
• Products that are renowned by their versatility, strength and durability - more than 90% of customers are satisfied (survey by GFK Indicator);

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• Products and services backed by one of the world’s most renowned and traditional commercial refrigeration brands;
• It has developed the main innovations in refrigeration history and has always been the leader in technology and design;
• Very high quality;
• Attractive design.

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• Leading brand in the Turkish beverage display market; 
• Quality, cost-effective products. 

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