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Metalfrio Solutions is a global company, providing solutions that cater to the regional needs of its customers. All around the world, its expertise and tradition accompanies these customers in their expansion efforts, since the Company relies on an infrastructure that allows it to understand and meet each market’s needs, providing fully customized solutions.

See below where the company’s plants are located.


Denmark - Aalestrup
Sales Office and Distribution Center

Russia - Kaliningrad
Products: upright refrigerators and horizontal freezers.

Turkey - Manisa
Products: upright refrigerators, horizontal freezers and refrigerators, and special lines.

North America

Mexico - Celaya
Products: upright refrigerators and freezers, horizontal freezers, and special lines.

USA - Boerne
Distribution center

South America

Brazil - São Paulo

Brazil - Três Lagoas
Products: upright refrigerators and freezers, horizontal refrigerators and freezers, and special lines.