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Get to know Metalfrio Solutions, one of the world’s largest commercial refrigeration companies.

Production and distribution capacity
• Production capacity of 1.5 million units/year
• Strategic positioning - 4 production facilities located in Mexico, Turkey, Russia and Brazil
• Global distribution capacity: hundreds of distributors in over 80 countries


• Metalfrio Solutions has built a reputation and reliability over 50 years through constant research and development of innovative solutions
• Its respect for the environment is a key issue: Metalfrio was the first company to have a fully eco-compliant production facility in Latin America

Focus on the Client

• Complete solutions: from product concept development to production, distribution and post-sale services
• Deep understanding of market needs and customers’ businesses
• Delivery of fast and reliable solutions
• Innovation: customized products for each customer’s needs
• Commitment to our customers: quality, punctuality, and competitiveness


 • Leader in the Latin American market
 • One of the world’s largest producers of plug-in commercial refrigerators  
 • Global structure to assist its customers with their local growth strategies  
 • Innovative products that combine technology, quality and reliability


• Complete product portfolio: hundreds of models of vertical and horizontal lines, and custom-made projects  
 • The largest commercial refrigerator facility in operation in Latin America
 • Four different product brands with hundreds of models to cover your clients’ most diverse needs.